Traditional vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Search and locate plumbing contractors - Talk Repair - Forums - In addition, traditional water heaters are much larger than tankless water heaters and need to be placed indoors. In fact, installation of a traditional water heater can be nearly half of the price of installing a tankless water heater. However, they can lead to a more expensive utility bill, especially during the colder months, due to the fact that they constantly heat and reheat water. They can also sometimes run out of hot water if you have a large family or if someone in your home takes especially long showers. The benefits of traditional water heaters include the fact that they are initially less expensive. It is also worth noting that traditional water heaters need to typically be replaced every 10-15 years. Get free quotes - installing toilet flange, bathtub drain replacement, sewer line replacement, drain repair ..More

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Don't Forget to Spring Clean Your Plumbing!

Locate Nearby plumber contractors - Service Contractor Forums - Here is a little tip: take a Ziploc bag and fill it with white vinegar, then place the Ziploc bag over the showerhead and secure in place with few rubber bands. Let it sit 24 hours. The mineral deposits should breakdown and leave you with a sparkling clean showerhead. Finally, clean your showerhead with vinegar to remove mineral deposits that can clog. Get free quotes - bathtub spout replacement, electric water heater installation, septic repair, unclogging bathroom sink drain ..More

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Black Iron Pipe Installation

Find plumbing contractors - Ask And Expert - DIY Help Center - Be careful here ? the pipe threads are sharp. Get free estimates - unclog bathroom sink, water heater repair service, septic tank cleaning service, leak detection. Use a good quality cutting oil to protect the die. Threading is accomplished with a pipe threader. The pipe must be threaded to make the proper connection. Continue threading until the thread is the thickness of the die. If you?re lucky, you may find the pipe in the required length at a plumbing outlet or hardware store. The thread will be cut on a taper when finished, providing a better seal. Wipe the threads with a rag. Use the proper die for the size of the pipe. Fit the die over the end of the pipe, and turn the handle a half turn at a time to cut the thread. Stand the pipe on end when done to dislodge any pipe cuttings ..More

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The Dublin Plumber Blog #23 Negative Head Booster Pump

Directory Listing Of plumbing contractors - Service Blogs & Faq Pages - Master plumber forums fand forum pages on unclog garbage disposal, electric water heater repair, septic tank service, pipe leak detection.. And guess what, the toilet did not have to be flushed before the shower worked. This pump is designed to pump water above the supply source, ie over and above attic storage tanks. She was delighted when we told her that there was a very simple solution to the issues she was having in both the plumbing and heating systems in her house. a. We replaced the original positive head booster pump with a 3 bar brass bodied negative head booster pump. After installing the new pump the attic rad vented fully an less than a minute. When we opened the shower valve, after an initial splutter, water came rushing out like never before ..More

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Ways to Prevent Sewer Problems

Listings Of plumbing contractors - Technician Forums - The drains in your house all lead to a single sewer line that transports wastewater to the central sewer system that runs down the street. Few hassles with your home?s plumbing are more potentially damaging than issues with the removal of sewage. Blogs and forum pages by local contractors on boiler repair, garbage disposal installation, septic tank pumping, leak detection & fix leaky faucet.. Damage to this pipe can cause sewage backup that will damage your home?s basement and/or foundations, create blocked sinks and toilets, and send noxious smells into your living spaces ..More

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